We provide a wide array of dance styles from various parts of the world, by collaborating exclusively with Born 2 Dance Studio. You can request dance styles, including Belly Dance, Salsa, Flamenco, Persian Dance, Brazilian Samba, Break Dance, Indian Bollywood and Hip Hop.

Born 2 Dance is founded and directed by Azin Mahoozi. She started the studio in August 2007 with the goal of promoting the universal language of dance by offering international dance classes from all over the globe under one roof!

Being of Persian descent, Azin Mahoozi has been exposed to Middle Eastern music and dancing throughout her life. A combination of her heritage, her creative nature and her strong passion for music and dance has made her dance style natural and unique.

Her awe-inspiring talent and passion for Middle Eastern dance prompted her to become the founder and choreographer of the Persian Dance Team at her high school and later in college. In 2002, Azin created and started teaching a dance style that she branded as the “Graceful and Elegant Art of Middle Eastern Dance” at various fitness centers and other outlets, which included both Belly Dance and Persian Dance.

Over the next couple of years, she built a huge following among dance enthusiasts and students. Encouraged by this success, she founded Born 2 Dance Studio in 2007 to offer those students more international dance styles, such as Flamenco, Indian Bollywood and Salsa in addition to her signature Belly Dance and Persian Dance classes.

Azin’s Born 2 Dance Belly Dance Troupe has performed at prestigious venues, such as the Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall, Warner Theatre, Lisner Auditorium and many others. The Troupe has performed with world renowned international singers.