Date:October 15, 2015

6 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

If you’ve just got engaged and already looking for your potential wedding venue, ask yourself (and your fiancé of course) – do you really know what you’re looking for? Before you go to look around every single wedding reception venue within a hundred miles, here are some top tips to think about when choosing a wedding venue:

  1. vXvzHP7o70gCommunicate

If you haven’t talked with your fiancé about the sort of wedding you would like, then you should hop to it as soon as you can and be prepared to compromise if their ideas differ from yours; this discussion could help avoid any potential disagreements later on. Are you looking for a destination wedding in Hawaii, a relaxed or contemporary barn wedding venue at the vineyard or perhaps a classy formal one at the gallery/museum/mansion?

  1. Work on a budget

Establishing a budget early on will help you and your other half to shortlist potential wedding venues. Keep in mind that just the wedding catering and alcohol will already take up quite a large chunk of your budget and if you decide to add up more details it may sum up into some significant amount. Remember to include every single service in your calculations.

  1. Guests’ accommodations

If any of your wedding guests are coming from far away, keep in mind the various expenses that you may need to work with. Try to look for a wedding venue near to where the majority of your guests live.

  1. Wedding guest numbers

Come up with a rough idea of guest numbers before you start looking for a wedding venue or at least be prepared to alter your guest list. This should avoid the disappointment that’s leading to a major stress of visiting a beautiful wedding venue only to find out it is not big enough/or too big for your wedding.

  1. Wedding date

If you’ve already decided on an exact date for your wedding, check the availability of that date before you visit (again, this will help to avoid the disappointment in case you fall in love with the venue that won’t be available for you special date

  1. Seek expert advice

Thank God that these days every happy couple can shift their stress onto the shoulders of event planners and entertainment companies such as ours J If you’d like some assistance searching for a venue, a wedding venue finding service (or an event planner) can definitely help; all you need to do is to tell them your requirements and they will search for a venue to suit you from their extensive list of wedding venues – many of which will be privately-owned.


Good luck to you and your fiancé on finding a perfect venue for your wedding day 🙂