Date:February 13, 2017


Throughout his tenure in DC for the past 20 years, Charles is a true testament to his work ethic and in reality, his philosophy on life. Whether it is mixing the latest hit on the deck or using his creative mind to develop a new business idea, Charles’ keen eye for design and driven personality has inevitably left a lasting impression on the competitive market of DC.
Years of honing his skills have lead to some incredible headlining engagements, from DJ’ing the Democratic National Convention for Bill Clinton to becoming a mentor at the Red Bull Music Academy. Whatever endeavor Charles decides to take on, he leaves no stone unturned in his quest for a successful outcome.
Using his extensive background in the business as a DJ, Charles went on to broaden his skill set once again. There had become an undeniable void in DC nightlife and it was a perfect time to add founder, designer, and managing partner to his resume, as he had gone on to open one of DC’s hottest nightclubs, Fly Lounge. An accomplishment he would repeat with Angels Rock Bar in Baltimore, MD and another iteration of Fly Lounge in Aspen, CO. A few years later, Charles opened Heist, an exclusive, high-end nightclub in DC that makes the most of its heist theme with décor ranging from a diamond-stuffed teddy bear to a champagne vault. His latest and possibly most notable endeavor will be a rotisserie chicken restaurant and whiskey bar, slated to open in early 2017 in the heart of DC’s most lively neighborhoods, 14th Street. The whiskey bar in the back will showcase Charles’ unique and eclectic record collection, a true homage to his passion for music.
Charles dominates any venue and infuses every party with his versatility, and his ability to read crowds. With such, he continues to captivate the entire industry by incorporating his love for music with an entrepreneurial drive to success.