Date:February 13, 2017


Joe, aka jWorld, is an up and coming DJ in Washington DC. Being the Direct of Operations for Exclusively Entertainment, Joe has gained experience in the wedding business. This, with the experience of music production and recording, has helped him quickly pick up wedding DJing and MCing.
Born in Lebanon, Joe landed in the states at the age of eight. By age 10, he started listening and collecting music religiously. His love and passion for music is undeniably one of a kind. Joe’s life consists of working, school, and exercising; but his focus stays on his music.
As a DJ, Joe has a collection of Top40 and Pop music, Hip-Hop hits, 80s jams, and international music. For weddings, he also has a collection of Jazz, Classical, and Lounge music. He is also very observant when it comes to reading his crowd.