Date:September 15, 2014

Rockville Strings

If you’re looking to fuse live musicians with modern songs at your upcoming event or wedding, then Rockville Strings will blow you away. The groups dynamic show features a filtered acoustic performance through the modern vision and perception of sound.

Members of Rockville Strings are well known for their expertise in composition, live performance and audio production.

eb8bab_afb08f04a95f482d969d5364c9543392.jpg_srz_p_196_288_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Kirill Romanov – cello

With mastery in composition and over a decade of lve performance experience, Kirill adds rhythmic twists and flare to the ensemble’s low end with the sophisticated sound of the cello.

Knowing well his way around keyboards and guitars, makes him a much valued multi instrumentalist and a prominent producer for Classical, Rock, Pop and Electronic music.






Russ Graham – violin

Russ Graham was born in California but has been DC’s resident for over 2 decades.

He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Having toured solo as well as with various string ensembles throughout United States, Europe and Asia his experience is the driving force of the group.

With his strongest point being jazz improv, he adds a touch of grunge to the groups sound as well as years of expertise in ensemble work, which tops off his wide range of musicianship.




eb8bab_730c0507e7be42f8b8b38e5a6d183fe2.jpg_srz_p_184_276_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Samdarsh Sondh – percussion

A native Marylander, Samdarsh Sondh is no stranger to live music. With over twelve years of guitar and drums performance experience under his belt, Sondh broadened his attention to audio production in late 2012.

He is the founder of TZO Entertainment, making his mark with artists such as: Ace Savage, Kokoboy, Michael Angelo, Dirty Shafi, and The Ji. He is well respected for the ability to blend Hip Hop, Pop. Rock and Electro drums with low key percussion, complimenting the group’s acoustic vibe.