Date:October 03, 2015

Wedding History Fact: Wedding style in 1950s

11350704_842407942523019_1597983522_nThe main wedding trend in the 1950s was the return of dignity; Elaborate church weddings were….. There was, at the time a strict code when it came to attire and dress. Formal attire befitting of the occasion was donned by not only the bride and groom but the ushers and guests as well.

A fashion forward bride,much like the one depicted in the picture on the left, would have donned a wedding dress in the super fashionable ‘new look’ style that was in vogue at the time. The ‘new look’ lasted for a number of years after it’s introduction.

This shorter length wedding dress made of tulle mimicked the style in cut and length. In the late 1950’s this was a look thought to be a very modern choice as opposed to the full length, traditional style dress. It was known as the ballerina length style. In modern times, this style might perhaps be considered for a civil wedding or a less formal affair. The dress featured shoe string straps, and embroidered bodice and sheer full length sleeves. Modesty was still the norm at the time hence the sleeves and stockings. The dress was crowned with a short veil and a Juliet cap perched atop a hairstyle of waves.