Take Your Special Event Or Wedding To The Next Level With Our MC Services

If you’re a Bride or Groom reading this, we have an important question for you: Wouldn’t you say it is vital to keep things running on time on your “big day”? We think you will agree that with so much happening and limited time to get things done, you’ll only get one shot to get it right! So whilst we wouldn’t dream of suggesting that either of you spend the day with one eye on a clock, it is absolutely essential that someone does.

Timetables should be drafted up prior to the day and distributed to all key parties and it is essential the venue and all your vendors are also aware of the details of your night. This may sound like a duty for the Best Man or one of the dads, but rather than burdening them with these tasks, perhaps you should consider a professional wedding Master of Ceremony (MC).

Our experienced MCs will take full responsibility for getting the right people to the right places at the right time and give you both the peace of mind you deserve! As the cliché goes “Time flies when you’re having a good time” , so there’s no room for you to miss a minute of the fun!

A small sample of our MC services includes:

  • Welcoming guests on arrival
  • Organizing the receiving line (optional)
  • Ensuring guests are seated at the appropriate time
  • Announcing the Bride and Groom grand entrance
  • Coordinating with all your vendors the timetable
  • Announcing events (Such as drinks in the lobby, dinner, toasts, cutting of the cake etc)
  • Engaging with the guests to enjoy a full and happy dance floor!

Confident, poised and in control… your wedding MC is pivotal in ensuring the success of your reception from the planning stage to your last dance!

MCs are also a great benefit for corporate events, fundraisers and other events that requires a professional to keep the flow of the event going smoothly and keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire program.